Seafood Hotline Ep

by Seafood Hotline

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Recorded at Twin Oaks in Murfreesboro, TN. by Jason DIetz in 2012


released March 11, 2014

Seafood Hotline is:

Joe Leslie- Guitar, Vocals
John Judkins- Bass, Vocals
Hong- Drums

Additional Player(s):

Stevie Nicole Bailey sings backing vocals on Peace Offering

Recorded and Mixed by: Jason Dietz

Produced by: Jason Dietz and Seafood Hotline

Mastered by: Carl Saff

Art/Photography by: Darin Ledford

All Songs Copyright Friendly Bacteria Records 2013



all rights reserved


Seafood Hotline Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: Hong Likes Tanner
Weakness is my guess
But I want to save my liver
And you do not protest
Occupy your thoughts for free
Well this is my mess
Gun assault is a good excuse
Innocence is bent
To predicate my thoughts of you

You cannot believe my feelings are so cold
What if i turned my "asshole" and walked away
You cannot bellieve my feelings are so low
Stick your head in the sand

Redness has my hand
Offering to combat this thing
Peel apart my layers
Before you come back in my chamber
Redness has my lips
Fell apart and drank for years
So I'll imitate my myth
To occupy my thoughts and views

You cannot believe my feelings are so low
What if I turned my head and walked away
You cannot believe my feelings are so cold
If you could just understand
Track Name: Mandatory College
Lets tie your legs to the ceiling
I count the sweet tarts on your breath
We found the sickness is lazy
And all those chips that you hoarded, I know
I've got a leap and it's real up high
Until the rest of the world's got to know
These are just flea traps, and damnit
And to those efforts that meal is so "no"

I guess you can lock on
It's such a sad song
A law with promises
They can't build a fort
Fields farewell they go

I bet you can't afford a donut
Your parents don't do that well i know
Unto the air it sneezed
It's just like concrete
You can't make it flow
And all of those checkers on nightstands
And to the ends of a waifen oaf
And then we get drunk in hell, yeah
And off we go into the sunset
I don't know

I can't believe that it snowed
I guess you can load
No, we'll find a way
I can't believe that you're gone
No, it's on day
Oh well, I guess we'll run away

Don't tell me off
I can't take his place again
Track Name: Death
Death ends
My feelings on death
Grieve death
My feelings on death
Won't you see these are feelings that you're kneeling for death
Don't you see these are the victims bleeding interest
On a sad weight loan on "well"

Death is
Really though?
Death, can it?
Really though?
Don't you see these are the theories that you're needing for death
When you look inside the mirror
Does it make you feel a tad well done, or lonely
Damn you all, like shells sing

Death lives
Finally wave to it
I'm finally free
Are you speaking oh so clear
But it's not clear until you're dead
When you look inside the mirror
Does it leave you feeling sad, my God
But we're going all the way
Damn you all, and light
Track Name: Peace Offering
Peace offering to the riddle
That wasn't you that flowed on
You saw the victims
And gnashed with your teeth
And then went to the river
To make a farce of your dying
And you're dying

I completely agree now
Not everything is the way you want
But i forgot that you'd left here
So long
So long ago

So long
I've felt
Your death
And a moment of despair
Track Name: Slay My Fingers
Oh my family
Says my head i gone
You come live in doubt
Found you sick and on the lakeside thinking how
You cannot figure out how, how?

I'm tired of this shell
Let me out of here
The pretend games
That you're playing with me
Picks me up and up and down

No, my vegan hold
Sneaks my gun away
But at least i got out of the south
It's five years to see
Walked my God to see
Me weaken my feelings out, out

Oh my
Oh my God I bleed
But expect to find me still
Expect to find me still
Worshiping the shelf
Gets me in it, uh huh
Slay my fingers and wave
Now, father see if i've got control of you
And it's truth
It's the truth
Track Name: Statler
Even though my spirit's through
I'll be watching all of you
And the scene is so loud
Did you act so proud
This is nothing like I realized
But instant comic relief from the skies
Is bathed in fire
Don't you ever think you're clever
Enough to bleed the oceans dry

Your demons sold out

And if you think this is done with you
I'll be thankful for the fuel
And believe that I'm down
Would you ever?
If Chaste allows?

This is nothing like I fantasized
But hell, this might as well be guilt an mire
But If you sing to fire, you're set to fire
Douse your elbows
Taste your rabbits
Slit my fingers off in Egypt

Your demons sold out