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by Seafood Hotline

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Recorded in December 2005 at Marina's on the Square in downtown Murfreesboro, TN.


released February 1, 2007

Joe Leslie- Guitar, Vocals
Hong- Drums

Additional Players:

Kris White- Banjo
David Jellema- Cornet

Recorded and Mixed by: Kris White

Second Engineered by: Jesse Newport

Produced by: Seafood Hotline and Kris White

Layout and Design by: Meghanne Thompson

Mastered by: Joe Smith

All songs copyright Friendly Bacteria Records 2007



all rights reserved


Seafood Hotline Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: The Blessed
bless you
you can't always write the song
but you can always ride to the sun
strayed in parts of me you're gone
hanging off my sleeve
that's the biggest part
of regrets done

strange flu
the walls are thin
it drains you
the longing and then
the pains grew
far from within your stride

think through
passionately guided fun
and misread meanings often glum
degraded phrases
faulty runs
things i've often needed
thought them through
Track Name: My Lapel or My Descent
and if it falls
he can make sense
far more off to each his others
you don't take care of yourself
everywhere i look it's awful
taken and dismissed
count these stares and be content
and we can have a sense
of it all

and call and tell me
that there's nothing said
i would pay anything
for a weekend holiday
that goblins tradition
is to waste it all away
teened you on evening gowns
let's waste it all away
i've toned you to fix my head
calls me out
sends exos through my head
got to complicate
to complicate the message of
got to complicate
this death tone

no end
this is no end
Track Name: Dark Country
i would say that you are safe
and broken down
not to say that love is her reason she
not much later i was spying
want to know
and today i sat right back and laughed, oh

i have seen you with a gun
but there's not far to go
and will they know
so old
you have so far to go
a river that ends at your home

endless ways that heated
conversations go
change your face with light
of the seasons glow
by good grace have hidden
meanings always known
she would not take a beating
for this town, no
Track Name: Family Song
looked at your eyes in a photo
out from within, i'll bet
they've always been
streaming life

took a long time
but i'm here now
wishing i'd been together
and shamed on my pride

he said i'm lost in the air now
i'm not coming back
i fear for the future, but i
can't escape this light
the count onward days
have left me with some drive
the darkness you've saved
but we'll carry on tonight
Track Name: Leaf Collection
all these leaves have settled down
just like that look on your face
be content to laugh out loud
seems like i never got paid
all these awful things they say
they just don't make me feel gay
come back when you've figured it out
gets me off waiting for space
to take you away

all these trends i frequent now
make me feel different today
to restate this issue now
felt like a difference was made
all these things that have come about
make me feel safe and awake
true belief has stiffened now
just like that look on your face
faith has failed
Track Name: Me and the Samurai
don't let it slip away
you've failed to part my heart
so forget it anyway
you know we've worked so hard
to make these sounds we've made
falling off of my lips
so kiss me in a way
we're falling apart now

get all these things to say
you're sinking awful depths
it affects you in a way
the starric lines are set
it made me feel o.k.
you're reeling off of my hips
but it feeds you all the same
we've kept the part now
Track Name: Dust Parade
count the fires
sing song
until you're gone
Track Name: The Blackest of Holes
you simply hate the absence of
the thought of god that makes you fear
try to relate
that's not the point
your time for lie has shortened, dear
dry tears and turn
this backwards forwards
yet you can't escape
the blackest of holes
your fate depends on everything
but not the things that tend to last
oh well

i've felt opinions
they are late
tried to bleed on elders years
and to the point of obvious
it's cradle wiped away your tears
dry tears and turn
this backwards forwards
yet you can't escape
the blackest of holes
"i don't depend on anything"
and that's the trend that spoken fast
in hell